New Homes Proposed at Balne Lane, Wakefield

This website includes further information about our proposals for Balne Lane and invites you to provide your feedback.

The Site 

The site is located adjacent to Balne Lane, approximately 0.5km north of Wakefield City Centre and is within walking distance of a range of existing facilities and services.  It is in close proximity to the A61 and A638 providing quick and easy access to Leeds, Huddersfield and Barnsley, as well as the M1.

The site is approximately 0.83 hectares in area and is brownfield in nature; a 4-storey office block is currently located upon the site which will be demolished as part of the proposals.

The site is bounded to the north by Balne Lane, to the east by the railway line, and to the south by Urban House (a hostel for those seeking asylum) and Wakefield Prison.  Small industrial units and residential dwellings are located to the west of the site.

With regards to the site’s planning history, in February 2005, an outline planning application (ref: 04/99/14183/V) for residential development was approved; establishing the principle of residential development on the site.  However, a reserved matters application was never submitted pursuant to the outline approval.

What is Proposed?

Strata Homes and Penny Appeal are currently preparing a full planning application which will be submitted to Wakefield Council for 60 new homes.  The application proposes the demolition of the former printworks at Balne Lane, Wakefield.  The new homes will be for private rent and will be managed by Wise Living. Strata will in effect be the main contractor delivering the new homes.

The proposed homes will be three storeys in height and will provide two bedrooms at ground floor and second floor level. The new homes will be set around a central area of open space with significant landscaping across the site and at the southern boundary of the site.  Access into the site will be via a new access point off Balne Lane.  Each new home will have its own dedicated car parking space.

About Strata Homes and Wise Living

Strata Homes are a family run house-builder and geographically have developments across Yorkshire and the Midlands.  They specialise in place-making and unique design rather than volume house-building, putting their customers at the heart of everything.

Wise Living is a proven investment and development business providing high-quality, family homes for the private rental market.

Together Strata Homes and Wise Living have partnered up to provide this scheme. Wise Living will support Strata Homes throughout the process and will professionally manage the properties once complete.

The Wise Living Concept

Wise Living are a specialist company providing high quality family homes for the private rental market.  They ‘aim to revolutionise the private rental sector by challenging existing standards, creating and nurturing communities and, ultimately, driving better living standards for their tenants’.

Wise Living provide housing choice and high-quality new homes in a market often dominated by poor quality rental properties. Their typical tenants are young families, professional couples and singletons.

All Wise Living homes are professionally managed, meaning that their communities are a long-term commitment. A property management team is available 24/7 for all Wise Living tenants and community events regularly take place to ensure that a sense of place and feeling of home is created for all.

Planning Policy

The definition of ‘Build to Rent’ is purpose-built housing that is typically 100% rented.  It should be on the same site and be professionally managed stock in single ownership and management control.  The proposed development complies fully with national planning policy guidance.

At a local level, Wakefield Council requires all new development to make a positive contribution to the environment and amenity of its locality by virtue of high-quality design, layout and landscaping. The development will help to diversify the housing offer in the area, and provide high quality, affordable homes to those that cannot, or do not yet wish to, purchase a property.

An outline planning application for residential development was granted on site in 2005.  The application (ref: 04/99/14183/V) established the principle of residential development on the site.

The proposed development will be assessed against all the relevant Development Plan Policies as part of the planning submission.  The application will also be supported by an array of planning drawings as well as the following reports:

  • Design and Access Statement
  • Statement of Community Involvement
  • Detailed Landscape Proposals
  • Transport Assessment and Travel Plan
  • Ecological Appraisal
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Method Statement
  • Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Assessment
  • Ground Investigation report
  • Noise Assessment
  • Air Quality Assessment


What Happens Next?

Thank you for visiting this consultation website.

We welcome your views and comments on these proposals, please send these directly to us by email:

The deadline for comments is midnight on Monday 8th February 2021. A full planning application will be submitted shortly after.

Once the planning application is submitted and validated by the Council, you will also have the opportunity to send your comments directly to Wakefield Council via their Public Access website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Your feedback and comments are appreciated.


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