New Homes Proposed at Waterloo Sidings, Halton Moor

This website includes information about our housing proposals for Halton Moor and invites you to provide your feedback to us.

These proposals concern an area of land located between Halton Moor Avenue and the railway line known as Waterloo Sidings.

The land has been allocated for housing in the Leeds Unitary Development Plan for a considerable period of time and this allocation has been re-confirmed in the recently adopted Leeds Site Allocation Plan (ref: HG1-256).

Gleeson Homes has acquired an interest in the land and now wishes to bring it forward for residential development to meet local housing needs.

What is Proposed?

Gleeson are currently preparing a full planning application which will be submitted to Leeds City Council for approximately 155 homes.

A mix of 2/3/4 bed homes will be provided, ensuring that the development is suitable for a wide range of household types and sizes.

A new vehicle access will be provided from Halton Moor Avenue.  A pedestrian access to/from the site will be created from Wykebeck Mount.

The development will include significant landscaping and a new footpath adjacent to retained woodland on the site, creating new recreational opportunities for the community in a safe environment.

As the development will require the removal of some of the existing trees at the site, we are proposing to mitigate this by providing significant new tree planting in the in the local area.  We are currently discussing the precise nature of this tree planting with the Council. Further details will be provided once the planning application has been submitted.

The tree planting and surface water drainage proposals for the site will create a net biodiversity gain for the area, helping to support the development of local wildlife

About Gleeson Homes

Gleeson builds a range of affordable homes for sale to people who would otherwise be unable to afford a new home, thereby helping them onto the property ladder.  Gleeson funds all of its own projects, allowing development to take place without reliance on Government investment.

Gleeson’s homes are priced so that they can be afforded by 90% of local couples in full time employment.  Between July 2019 and December 2019, 7 out of 8 of the Company’s customers were first time buyers.  The Company also provides a number of special sales packages for key workers and armed forces employees.

All Gleeson homes are built to a high standard.  All Gleeson homes hold a 2 year defects warranty and also benefit from a 10 year structural warranty with our insurance provider, NHBC.

Gleeson understands the importance of involving the community before and after the construction of new developments and leaving a legacy once the works are complete.  This includes engagement with local schools and ensuring construction job opportunities benefit local people.  Gleeson also refuse to sell homes to landlords, thus ensuring homes are occupied by owners who become stakeholders in the development


The dwellings would be of a conventional two-storey design and would have a mix of materials.  Walling would be a mix of different brick types, and roofing would comprise tiles.  The design would seek to complement and enhance much of the surrounding area in terms of form, scale and materiality, with proposed additional detailing to further enhance the proposed streetscape.


The planning application for the site will include a report that addresses the traffic that will be generated by the development.  It is a requirement of national and local planning policy that new housing proposals should include safe and suitable access for all users and any significant impacts on the local highway network are mitigated.

In addition, a Travel Plan will be provided that promotes the use of sustainable transport modes and seeks to minimise the use of the car.

School and Health Infrastructure

The application site falls within Zone 3 of Leeds City Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule. This means that the proposed development will be required to make a substantial financial contribution to the CIL Scheme, based on the amount of new residential floorspace.

The Council will consider the capacity of existing schools and health facilities if the application is approved.  In the event that facilities need to be improved to accommodate the needs of the development, then such improvements will be funded from the CIL scheme funding pot.

The CIL scheme also has the ability to fund improvements to sustainable transport, community sports facilities and pubic greenspace, should they be required.

Construction Impacts

Gleeson always seeks to respect the community and protect the environment in new projects. The Local Planning Authority will also impose conditions on the planning approval for the site to protect the local community in respect of noise, dust and hours of operation.  A Construction Management Plan will also be produced.

What will the Development Bring to the Area?

  • Development of low-cost housing for sale of a high quality build standard suitable for different household sizes.
  • Housing development in a sustainable location within a convenient walking distance of local shops and services, including public transport.
  • Provision of a safe and secure woodland path, providing for new recreational opportunities.
  • New tree planting and habitat creation for local wildlife.
  • Employment generation and increased spending during the construction period.
  • Increase in local spending power for shops and services in the area.

What Happens Next?

We would welcome your views and comments on our proposals.

Once the planning application is made valid by the Council, you will also have the opportunity to send your comments directly to Leeds City Council via their Public Access website.

You can send your comments on the proposals directly to us in the following ways:


Post:   Please post any comments to:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Your feedback and comments are appreciated.




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