Spring Gardens, Lewisham

Peacock + Smith secured planning permission for St Mungo’s to enable them to deliver a new ‘No Second Night Out’ Assessment Hub, as well as 43 bed staging post and replacement 28 bed hostel in Lewisham.

The ‘No Second Night Out’ is a GLA funded project which aims to support people who are new to sleeping rough so they can quickly exit the cycle of sleeping rough. The enhanced facility will enable St Mungo’s to continue their essential work in tackling homelessness in London. The St Mungo’s site is located in a residential area and operates 24 hours a day. Working with St Mungo’s and DLA Architects, Peaock + Smith carried out extensive public consultation with local residents and businesses.


Spring Gardens, Lewisham


43 bed staging post; 28 bed hostel


St Mungos


2016 - 2017